Saturday, September 4, 2010

GlamourDollEyes FOTD-just having fun!


I recently bought some Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadows and I received the package yesterday! Overall, I am very happy with their shadows, they are very pigmented, aand although they may seem too shimmery?sparkly, they are surprisingly not too loud. I wore them to school today and went against the usual school spirit fridays, where we all look like uniformed students wearing the school's colors lol!

In this look: Picture Whore as all over base, Tokyo outer half and crease, Incognito on top of tokyo, and Pistol Pistol on the hollow of the eye for depth, skin of a Killer as a brow and inner corner highlight. liquid liner and falsies. I also used the eye highlighter as a cheek/face highlighter!

Here are my goofy pictures. I took them at school, like 6 hours after I did my makeup, with a cell phone and poor lighting! the colors were actually brughter and louder, but they look so soft here due to the lighting!

I swaer it was LOUDER!!

Too Goofy lol

Starring at some Freshmen girls, too funny, but somehow I get annoyed, hence the "face" lol. Dang it, i can spot them among a million students haha. Just realized i was playing with my hair. I do that a lot, especially when i am concentrated on something, like homework, reading, drooling. Not good. i must learn to keep my hands off my hair. It is seriously a bad habit....oh do i have some stories about my hands on my head and hair....@_@

Happy me! Goofing off. I was definitely procrastinating here. My school papers were calling my nake sooooo loudly.......... This picture was 9 hours after i did my makeup in the morning...Thank Goodness for face/eye primers, blotting papers, powder.....but we gots to look good right!!!!!!?


  1. precioso!! la convinacion de colores me hace acordar a una propuesta que lago mac en la coleccion de hello kitti
    un beso guapisima!!
    que tengas lindo finde

  2. Great look! I like that colours, almost all that pink shade

  3. Loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh annoying lil freshman ahah love the eyelashes too! what mascara do you use?

  4. your phone camera is good quality i never would have though haha. i love this look on you! very nice blending the colors! also love yoru eyebrows!

  5. @ViOoOlicious...omg u r a freshman? didnt mean to offend. I have a few freshman friends,but seriously, there are some freshmang girls that make you wanna scream! btw, I use By Apple Mascara brand (or Naturamex)mainly in "Mamey" but I also have the "cermamides" "Jojoba" "avocado" and "Papaya" versions. They have the above oils, so it is oil based, and nourishing. Here I has ELF $1 falsies on top, but the mascara alone would have done it, i was just tooo lazy to bother with mascara. I find that that mascara brand stopped my lashes from falling out, and they look fuller now. it is water-proof but none of that flakiness that most water proof mascaras have. I absolutely love it!

    @Betsabe: Gracias por lo de "guapisima" me la voy a creer!! Si me acuerdo de la coleccion de Hello Kitty, pero yo no puedo usar nada del MAC, solo los lipgloss! Feliz finde tambien!

    @Becky: That pink is very pretty. it has purplish undertones. Im still amazed at how they look so shimmery in the pot, but they are rather subtle.

    @Donna*Baby: Aww thanks. My eyebrows are naturally uneven lol, but I get them threaded and that helps them look nice. I have that narutal arched brow, and when i keep up with the maintenace, i dont even need to fill them in. My camera on my phone is awesome. It takes way better pix than my Kodak Digital Cam. seriously. I take all the pics for my jewelry blog with my cell phone. I know, lame and cheap hahahahah but i can never ever get a good picture with my Kodak...I really want a DSLR though, but too expenssive for what i would use it for!

  6. ahha No, im not a freshman. I know what you mean ahha. I used the apple mascara a while back. I just forgot bout it! thank now I need to get some again! I couldnt figure out if you were wearing falsies so those ELF lashes must be good!You fooled me ahha

  7. @ VioOolicious: Yay! that means that i am improving with my eyelash glueing skills!! Sometimes i do them perfectly and others are a pain. Those ELF are very, very, natural looking. They have 2 styles at Target, one style is long annd thin, not much volume, and the other are a little shorter but uneven and not voluminous either, so when you wear them, they seriously look like your lashes and not like fake ones. I really like them, but i go through them too quick, so I stick to my Ebay ones, since i get a ton of them for really cheap! That mascara is awesome, but at the beginning it feels like it does nothing for your volume/length, but it is awesome. It survived my LASIK 3 month post op ever 2 hr eye-drop stage, so i got used to them and my lashes do no fall off anymore!! To me, that is heavenly haha $1.99??!! Yayuh, more $$ $ for other stuff i do not need!

  8. looks heaps pretty ;D
    i've never even heard of this