Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yes To Tomatoes

I have been using the Yes To Tomatoes line for amout 3 weeks now. As i have mentioned, i have oily, acne prone skin. As a way of testing this along with aloe vera gel and Humphreys Witch Hazel, I stopped all my other junk and used only Yes To Tomatoes facewash (After my Laneige makeup remover) and Witch Hazel as a toner, aloe vera gel as a moisturizer (since i am not yet a big fan of the Yes To Tomato moisturizer)

The Cleanser leaves your face really soft and oil-free. I do think I need my Laneige Multipurpose makeup remover before this one at night, but in the a.m. i have no makeup, so this wash is enough. The scent is very yummy!

Then I use witch hazel as a toner, followed by organic aloe vera gel as a moisturizer, or sometimes if i feel like i need more moisture, i mix the aloe gel with the Yes To Tomatoes Moisturizer and it helps!

I have also used their Mud Mask. IT is a less drying than other clay masks, but the scent is soooo nice, and it doesnt completely dry on your face. It is supposed to help refine the pores and detox the skin. I did see a little difference in my pores, and my skin was left so fresh, soft and glowy! One thing i did notice the morning after i used it is that a small breakout that i have had forever and would never go away was shrunken and dry the next morning! so, that was awesome!

The verdict: I really did see a difference after dropping everything else and stuck to this cleanser and aloe vera gel. My skin is noticeably clearer, and the small breakouts i has along my jawbone are gone. The mask was a nice treat, I love masks and have TONS of them, most are from Korea/China/Hong Kong etc and i love those too.

I feel the Yes To Tomatoes mask does help with shrinking existing breakouts, and did not irritate my sensitive skin...but only left on on for the 5 min they recommend.

The moisturizer is the one i am still trying to love or hate. It feels wonderful and its not greasy, but you definitely feel the moisture. It leaves my skin soft, and although it is supposed to "balance" oily skin, i still wonder if the olive oil in it will make my skin oily throughout the day. I think i will use it for a while and see. I will try to combine thise routine with some anti-aging gettin' older and do not want wrinkles in 5 years lol...

As you have probably read, I use LANEIGE skincare, but that is expenssive, so if this does the trick, I will not have to buy the Laneige toner and gel, which alone is $50 more for me :) One thing for sure...I can never let go of my Laneige multi cleanser and laneige strawberry yogurt exfoliating gel...LOL!

Oh, and their Body wash and Body butter are awesome! they have helped my chronically dry (to the point that it can be gross) feet. Ever sine I started using it, my feet and heels are soooooo soft and pretty, as if I just had a pedi, every single day. I hate body lotions and butters, but this one is not greasy, but you feel the greasiness....its weird lol, so since i dont like body butters, i only use it once a day, at night after a shower...and my legs/feet are so smooth the next day, as if i put it on that same morning! But these I found at Ross for $2.99 ea, so I couldnt say no, but i will definitely shell out the $15 for the body butter onece i ran out!

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  1. how kool glad you liked it its so weird I had just seen this brand and then you post super kool omg if I washed my face that much I would have a bad cause of acne !!!!

  2. just saw your blog...really nice..

  3. I am so looking forward to trying the new Yes to Blueberries line!