Thursday, August 26, 2010



I know it has been soo long since i posted, but school is kicking my butt! I am at 16 units and all upper division, like ugly upper division (over 360 level). I have been trying to look more polished for school, so this is my mere attempt in trying to look stylish. In previous months, i would have never worn a skirt, let a lone a layered tank and shirt that are that tight! Please excuse the somewhat obvious shapewear seams that kind of show, I had surgery this summer and i am foced to live with a girdle thingie on all the time! You have no idea how hard it is to hide it, and spaghetti straps are impossible for now (ugly girdle straps show). Oh ,btw, I DID go to class from 10 am to 8:40pm wearing this loud, loud eyeshadow. It was interesting how people would stare but not mention a thing! I dont get offended, so they should have either compliment or critisized it lol!

Skirt: Target, $6.48 Yay!
Tank: Ross, $3.oo
Tee: Target, $4.00
Shoes: Target, $3.48

Face: 120 palette, cheap mascara, loreal liquid liner, Everyday Minerals foundation and blush


  1. When i went to the states target was heaven!! we dont have target in canada :( also beautiful makeup! you blended the colors very well :)

  2. Cute outfit!! I need to stop hitting the make up and movie sections at Target and go to the clothing sections! I am missing out! Great outfit and your make up is awesome!! I agree with Donna the colors are blended well!

  3. you look great hope school get better for you !!! love the make up you look amazing
    thanks for all your sweet comments on my page you such a doll

  4. i need to get to usa man everything seem so cheap.. love the makeup and outfit u look great..

  5. hi :) thanks to following me~
    this makeup is super cute. :D
    and i totally agree with Sup and Bella everything seems so cheap in america! need to schedule a holiday, haha.
    Frankie x

  6. Thsnk you ladies for the sweet comments! I always hit the makeup isles at Target but I also always make sure I walk the clothing section...theey have had tons of clearance items for the past moonth or so, I seriously got several dresses, tanks, a romper, this outfit, and more and the most expenssive item was this skirt! I love Designer stuff, but I love a good bargain even better....that leaves more $$ for makeup !!!

  7. Love the outfit! your makeup is gawjus too!