Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Faves: Brush Cleanser

Mona Lisa Cleaning Supplies - JerrysArtarama.com: "Mona Lisa Pink Soap - Mona Lisa Pink Soap is designed for cleaning artist brushes. Soak bristles in Mona Lisa Pink Soap™ and work excess paint from bristles, then rinse off. After cleaning, leave a small amount in the bristles to condition, and rinse before use. This multipurpose product is also helpful in removing oily, greasy stains from hands, clothing, furniture, carpets, etc. Pink Soap also removes odors (onions, garlic, fish) from hands and clothing. Contains no alkalis, phosphates, solvents or alcohol."

I love this stuff! It gets rid of everything, and for $7.oo for an 8oz bottle, that is even better! I buy this at Michaels or The Hobby Lobby. Definitely worth it and lasts a long time!
For spot cleansing, I make a mixture of alcohol, water, dish soap, baby shampoo and Pink soap and some times some cetaphil and mix it and put into a pray bottle. It works wonders, so I have no need to go to MAC, eventhough I think their cleanser is not expenssive and works great!
Ok, so I did not wan to write a humongous post with all my current favorites, so i broke it down into categories and post them...
so, what is your favorite spot/daily brush cleanser?


  1. Now that's interesting! never heard of this before. I always use the MAC brush cleanser for my brushes.

  2. ooh this sounds really nice! i bet they don't sell it in australia :(
    i use a brush cleaner made by artiste but it is so expensive (AU$15 for a small bottle)

  3. wow looks great thanks for the great post

  4. Damn! I been missing out! I usually just wash my brushes with baby shampoo. I do want something to spot clean them and I've been thinking to getting the MAC brush cleaner but this is def something I need to try!! Great review!