Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I want to post/reviw one of my favorite skincare/makup lines. I first heard of LANEIGE on youtube (Bubzbeauty i think) and she mentioned it was good for trouble skin, so i immediately researched it.

I use BB cream most of the time. For those who have never heard of it, BB cream is like a tinted moisturizer but thicker and has very good coverage as well as skin care benefits. Depending on the brand or type, they range from Whitening, Pore trouble, Acne, Anti aging etc. Most of them offer UV protection, so that is a bonus...however, it will be weird at first, because it is thicker than moisturizer and way thicker than foundation, but well worth it.
Ok back to LANEIGE. I have tried theit Professional Multi Cleanser, Moisturizing Cleansing Oil, Snow Crystal Foundation, Pore Trouble Gel Moisturizer, Primer, and their Snow Crystal Sliding pacts.
Step 1: Oil Cleanser

This is similar to the Shu Uemura Cleansing oil, but less expenssive. They make two versions, a refreshing and a moisturizing. The pink one is the moisturizing, and since it washes off with the second step, it does not break me out at all.

This part is important to thoroughly remove every trace of makeup and dirt in out skin, and since i use BB cream, I have to use an oil cleanser. This really takes off all makeup, but I love it for waterproof mascara. I put some on my fingers (dry) and rub it on my hands, then place my oily fingers on my lashes for a few secs and then massage it away. Done!

Step 2: Multi Cleanser
This cleanser has 2 versions, but the Multi cleanser it removes makeup, cleanses and exfoliates lightly. I use this after the oil cleanser, and a pea size amount is enough. IT is a thick cream consistency and it does not foam. You would just scrub your face with it and if its too thick, wet your fingers and it solves the problem. Once lathered, it is creamy and rich, hence the pea size amount. This does remove makeup, but used alone it sucks at waterproof mascara due to its formulation. the exfoliation part is very light, you will not even feel it. I still do exfoliate with something else though.

After this, then abviously you do whatever you do to your face after cleansing. for me, it would be a mask for whatever issue i have, followed by serums and moisturizer. I do use their Pore Trouble moisturizer and it has the consistency of hand sanitizer. IT is oil free and scent free and applies very lightly, like water. This one is ok, but in my opinion, it is not special, however, it is the oly one that does not alter my skin oil production or breakouts. I have tried other brands of oil free moisturizers and after a while my face gets a "grainy" texture, this does not do that to me, so i guess i will keep shelling out $24 every 3 months or so.

Face Primer: I have the Oil Control Version of it

. First off, this feels thick and sort of sticky for a primer. It is minty green in color, and it corrects light red tones on skin. It feels like a heavy moisturizer but it is not greasy. I have not see nits "oil control" benefits but it does help my makeup look smoother. I do not love it, and I probably will not purchase again for its original price (i got it for $7 on ebay). I rather use the Chafing Relief Powder Gel by Monistat as a primer than this (ok, please tell me you have heard of that gel as a primer, i dont want to sound like a sick psycho here o_O )

Snow Crystal Foundation

I love this tuff. It is expensive ($40) but i love it. it is oil free and it just melts on the skin. It has medium coverage but it is so light weight. The best part is the pump. It is like the Sephora makeup remover pumps they have on the area with disposable applicators, sponges etc, the ones that you place the cotton ball and push down to get it soaked? That mentioned, one push and its enough to stipple it on the entire face. Also, the cap has a built in concealer and mirror! The concealer is ok, not the best but it works fine. The only problem is that there are not man shades available, and guessing your shade can be tricky. I got it in #23 sand Beige with SPF 22, but it is too dark for me. I am between NC20 and NC30 max and this is darker than that...so for me, i need it in #13. I still wear it, and it gives me a warm tan glow, but i have to really make it work, therefore, too lazy most of the time, and too greedy to hand it to my sister, which would match her perfectly.

The last item: Sliding Pact

OMG This is the cutest packaging ever! i have 2, a light metallic blue and a white one. They slide open with just one finger (think of the cell phone used in the Matrix) and then you lift up the powder and it has a pouf underneath. I really like this powder just because it is so original and no one has it, so i get alot of questions whrn i have it out. The powders are oil controlling, but I honestly do not think they control it too much. I would not shell out the $30-$38 for it, but i lucked out ang got both of them for $15 each. They do give you a glow but its not shimmery at all.

Ok, now that i bored you with an extensive page, my verdict is that I do see a difference whenever i use all Laneige cosmetics and BB Cream. I seem not to break out as much and my skin behaves. Then I go back to my usual things, like MUFe Mattifying Foundation, or Revlon Colorstay and there goes my skin.

So that is my personal experiences with this line. If I could affird it all, I would buy every single item they make, but since this is a Korean brand, the companies that sell it do hike up the price, and in the end, it can be too expensive for me, but definitely worth it! =D


  1. Great post. I've never paid attention to this line of products. That's pretty smart stuff.

    Also, I've heard of the chaffing gel as a primer but never tried it. Maybe someday I will. Who knows. I'd love a smoother look-- especially around the sides of my nose.

  2. I want to try these products!
    Great post (^_^)