Monday, August 9, 2010

I've Been Tagged!!

Ok I am so excited! I was tagged by DonnaDell form!!!! This is soooooooooo exciting for me because I just started with this blogging thing and I have very few followers, so for someone that popular and gorgeous to tag me, and follow me, and comment on my silly, I feel special =D

The Rules:

1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State 10 things that you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

I 've been tagged by ...*Donna ♥ Dell*...

10 Things I like:

1. Blogger!

It is a new thing for me, to blog. I have not time to socialize due to my hectic life...child, family,bf, and more importantly school! I find that blogging allows me to share and embrace my passion for beauty, fashion, makeup with others that feel the same way I do! It also lets me "meet" people with similar interests and makes daily stress a lot easier to cope with. There is nothing worse than sharing a passion with some one that is not interested, that said, I think Blogging will be my favorite thing to do in between papers, homework, readings and exams lol!!!

2. Asian Makeup brands, lines, cosmetics, skincare etc ^-^

I am seriously addicted to Asian cosmetics. Anything Asian is sooooo cool! My favorite so far is the LANEIGE Brand! I love their skincare, but their Snow Crystal Foundation and their Sliding Pact are the best thing ever!!!!!!

3. My Lovely, and rather Conceited Daughter!

she is sporting my MAC Cyndi Lauper lipsick and sparly white eyeshadow, and yes, she applied it herself! I love this child even though she makes my life a ton more challenging. She is very girly and i kid you not, even when she is just standing up doing something she bends one knee in a sexy way...scary! She knows what brushes are used where, and she definitely knows where to apply a certain cosmetic...she is very, very, confident...i wonder what it will be like in 10 more years...0_O

4. My Closest Friends!

they are good friends even though we do not hang out as often as we did in our younger, careless days! My Doctor friend...luv her to death, and my Nurse Cousin...luv her too!

5. My Parents

They are nutz, they are bitchy at times but they are cool people. They are always there for me and i know that they will always be there to lift me up whenever i am down.

6. My Significant other, bf, love, baby daddy!

Without his support, I would not have been able to accomplish everything i have thus far! He is one of the best men out there...and he is patient enough to listen to all my makeup ramblings, go with me to buy makeup, help me judge my makeup lol! He seriously has learned a lot about eyeliner!!!! Not the best picture, but too lazy to dig and dig for a better one lol!

7. Crafty things, Homemade/created bath products

I really like learning DIY things like home made scrubs etc. I make a good hand scrub! and I love to make Charm Bracelets and jewelry, as seen here I alos love Lucretia's Body Oils & Sprays! Dang that woman makes the best body sprays...all her stuff is so addictive, seriously. um, no, i dont get paid for talking about her products, no i dont get freebies, sponsored etc, i am just a happy happy and quite addicted customer of Ms Lucretia!

8. Shoes and Purses

I have way too many shoes and purses. Its an addiction for me, just like makeup is. I adore heels, even though i can never wear them because 1) im too tall, 2) i have misaligned knees so my heels are always to the side of the shoe! Either way, I will eventually get me some Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks, even if they will just sit in my closet ;)

9. Baking =D

Love, love, love to bake. I adore soft, chewey, gooey chocolate chip cookies.

10. School and the medical field

So, anyone that knows me would agree that i LOVE the Digestive System. I know its gross, but i really do see the beauty in it. Not the way it looks but the way it works, it is simply AMAZING =D
I also want to become a doctor...and will be applying to medschool hopefully next year! anything health care related interests me, but i tend to lean toward Public Health.

Beasides liking gross things and wanting to torture myself with med school, i am a book worm! I love to read, hoewver, i tend to stick to weird topics. The books series i have been reading all summer are from Jewell Parker Rhodes. She is also a Professor at ASU and i got to meet her! she is amazing....highly recommend "Voodoo Dreams" and the 3 others that follow that story.

I tag....... ok it is 9 people but i donot have many followers yet :(

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  1. haha your daughter is so cute! where do you buy LANEIGE products? i want to try it now!

  2. Awww, that is so sweet. I have never really tried Asian skincare products. Laneige sounds wonderful. I want to try it. Your skin looks so good

  3. @Donna baby: I replied on your post :)

    @Katastrophic Asian skincare/makeup has helped me a lot. Laneige is not too expensive but it is not drugstore cheap. And thanks for hte compliment, my skin is not perfect, and never will, but i do my best to keep it semi-ok. BTW my photos are not touched up, sometimes i adjust the lighting but i do not airbrush if i had

    I will post a review on LANEIGE this week, but you can find it for a decent price and decent shipping at

  4. awesome post I got tagged ...but I never did it is that bad =(

  5. Awww How cute!! I would really like to know more of Asian skincare products! heehe
    I wish, I baked! The only think I made is cheesecake..its not perfect but I love the way I make it and I think thats all that matters :P.
    Double Aww for your cute daughter already applying make up by herself!
    I would like to do something in the medical field. I am really considering Diagnostic Imaging. I am almost done with my requirements so I can start the program hopefully in a yr or so.

  6. Thank you all for the compliments toward my daughter =D she has a big smile because i told her people think she is pretty...

    @Vioolicious Thats all that matters! forget the prettiness, the taste is what really matters. Thats great that you are considering the medical field, or school for that matter! I am a big promoter of education, i am nerdy, so i guess that is normal lol!