Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Arabic Eyes-Playing w Shadows =D


Ok, I am in no way a makeup artist or a professional, and I am not trying to be....But I could not resist to play with colors after watching a ton of Arabic Wedding pictures! It looks harder than it is, if I had not forgotten to prine with UDPP, this would have been easier lol!

Also, Pleasr Excuse my bushy eyebrows, I have been too lazy to g oget them done (its too dang hot here!) and excuse my HUGE pimple lol, I do not retouch or airbrush my pictures, so I gets everyone gets to see my flaws ;)

I didnt use too many products. I actually used my 120 Palette and used Matte White, 2 shades of shimmery Cobalt Blue, Matte Black, Simmery Lavender and Mauve as Highlight, and a Silvery Grey in between the sharp lines. I also used the most Dramatic Falsies I had on hand =D
I was actually too sad to wipe off 45 minutes worth of working around a hyper toddler in about 30 seconds...but oh well!


  1. Ooooo I love it!! I wouldnt have patience for a look like this :X

  2. i loovee the way you did the lower lash line!

  3. wow you look really different , and you played it up with the scarf
    great post