Thursday, August 12, 2010

Golden Rose Lipsticks

I was introduced to this brand when I was browsing around YouTube. I give credit where credit is due, so the Guru's link and video are below, at the end of the post! ....She is awesome, she does mostly product reviews and she is completely honest!

Here is Golden Rose's Website Online Cosmetics Shop, Makeup, Beauty, Skin Care - Golden Rose
The left color is #104 and the other is #205. I have #117, 98, 207, 205, 104. i just could not get a good picture, so for swatches, please watch Gina's review on the above link. She actually mentions that #98 is an exact dupe to one of Ives St Laurent lipsticks.

I gotta admit I love these lipsticks. They are not smelly and they are sooo creamy. The colors i got are too similar, all within the peachy, rosy, almost bare lip, but I love them. My favorite is #98, and the best part....the cost $2.99 each!!!!!!!

The website now has better images, you click on a color icon and it enlarges it and tells you the color and whether is matte or frosty, which helps ( i guessed on mine because they didnt have that a couple of months ago)

I also have their liquid liner and it is really good. It is a glossy black, but it is a BLACK BLACK color. It is a brush tip, and i prefer felt tip because of my unprofessional skills, but i dont regret the purchase... I will definitely get more colors to my collection, and their eyeshadow palettes look soo pretty and are about $8!

Checkout Ginabinawina99 on YouTube ;-)

Check them out, and if you decide to buy one, let me know how you like it.


  1. Oooohh! Thanks for introducing these lipsticks to me! Gina is awesome..I just started watching Gina and I haven't watched all her vids and for the price of these its not bad! and there are so many color choices! I can't wait to try them



  3. Them lipsticks look gorgeous! I can't beleive they r only $2.99! Will be checking out their website asap :)
    Great blog too by the way, consider me a follower :)
    Feel free to follow me too if u like :)