Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mascara Haul

Hello.  I recently ordered my favorite mascara, and I decided to grab quite a few. I like to keep them in stock just in case I need to give one to a friend.  It is a Mexican cosmetics brand (By Apple), and its very inexpensive here and in Mexico.  I used to get it locally, but since its about a 15 mile drive for me, I rather buy them online (now that they sell them to the public).  

I grabbed a few mainly to make the shipping worth it, plus I don't mind having lots of them lol.  These are easily found locally in 'Asian/Mexican' stores, eBay, Amazon and more recently through the US Distributor, Adoro Cosmetics ( 

Price ranges from $2-$6, depending on the place of purchase, but Adoro has them for $1.36 each, or for $3 in their newer,  bigger and more appealing packaging.   shipping isn't bad, I believe its a flat rate of $5.20.  Not bad if you end up getting more things,  They sell tons of nail art and supplies stuff, to beauty tools and items one finds at those Asian stores. 

just a few mascaras lol
They are different 'oils'. The red one is Mamey, the green is Avocado and the pink is Ceramides. 

These are my fave versions. I love Mamey, Ceramides and the regular pink/blue

I only got one blue just to try it out. It is amazing!!

This is 2 lazy coats on curled lashes. 

One amazing feature of these mascaras is the way they hold the curl all day long. The lashes will never feel brittle and dry, and you will not end up with mascara flakes all over.  Sadly (for those who care about this), they are not vegan, as they have Bees wax ans their main ingredient (hence the staying power and the supple effect). I also think they have other things deemed  'icky' by Vegans, so beware. 

I personally never had a reaction to these. This brand got me through the 3 annoying, watery post LASIK months.  I wore 7 days post lasik and had no issues. I have been wearing this off and on (mainly on) since 2002.  

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