Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sleek Acid Palette

I have had this palette for a while now, and I just never really used it.  I did use some of the colors in this look.  I must admit, I am impressed :)  Here are the swatches. 

They appear more dull in the pictures, but in reality, those 4 in the middle are neon!

I swatched these over a light layer of concealer

I really like this palette, however, I don't wear these colors often.  They are too neon for my comfort level, even though I love rocking some bold shades.  I have used the rest of the subtler colors before though.   I'm still glad I got a friend to CP this palette for me, it sure comes in handy anytime I need some neon colors :)


  1. i drool over this palette! i cant wait to get my hands on it! :P

  2. EEEk I think I might order from their website!! With such cheap prices and great reviews, you can't go wrong it seems!!