Thursday, July 19, 2012

FOTD: Tropical Barbie

I've had my Sleek Acid palette for a while now, and sadly, I had only swatched it...until yesterday. These colors are so neon and so bright, it's s insane!

 Here is what I did:

I attempted a semi gradient lip, I kinda liked it, but if I had a yellow lipstick it would have been easier. 
Here, I mixed lip balm with eyeshadow.  The orange color is Wet n Wild in 24 Carrot Gold. 

When I opened my eyes like here, It looked crooked lol. I promise it was more evened out with the eyes closed.  Either way, I loved it and I might have gone to the store with this face :)

I also entered this look into the Inglot competition.  If you want to vote for me, please go Here and vote. I be forever thankful ;)

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