Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pretty Addictions: Ship Wrecked in Paradise

I recently purchased the new collection from Pretty Addictions, Ship Wrecked in Paradise. I just got the sample size set, as I have way too many indie lose pigments, and I wanted to just test them out.  I love their blushes a lot, but I had not tried their pigments. 

The samples come in a super cute packaging, and I forgot to snap a picture of it.  Also, they come in baggies, which I am not a fan of, so I changed them to clamshells, much easier and I was able to see that these baggies had a TON of pigment. I can definitely get several uses out of these, not like other companies who give you a teeny bit. 

The price was $8 for the set plus another color i wanted. Shipping was only $2, which was nice. I hate paying shipping that cost more than my items. 

Here are the swatches. 

Colors: Clown fish kiss (yellow), Tropical sunset (coral), Mint spritzer (mint/green), Tide (blue), Anchor Management(blackened blue) and Mystery Cove (taupe).

I used a light layer of foundation on my hand to even it out.  The swatches are dry, and only one swipe. 
I was surprised at the creaminess and pigmentaton of these!
that large purple swatch is Forbidden, not part of the collection but I wanted it. 

Sparkly. Tropical Sunset is my fave, next to Mint Spritzer and Mystery Cove!
Forbidden is a duochrome. very pretty. 

I used most of the colors in the set, but not heavily. I only used a light primer and super blended. I was going for a sheer, subtle look, hence the 'sheer' colors. 
I also used the blue color as liner :)

I am impressed with Pretty Addictions. I love their blushes and now their eyeshadows.  I want to buy more as soon as I use up what I have. The pigments were creamy and are easy to work with.  Kas, the owner is a sweetheart and she has excellent customer service, which is a plus. Her shipping costs are very reasonable and she ships fast!

I definitely recommend PA! 


  1. I looove Pretty Addictions. I have all of her blushes but the newest one! I have been eyeing these, Mystery Cover looks awesome!

    1. I only have 2 of her blushes (Sex Kitten and Watermelon Prowl) and I adore them. I am also loving the pigments :)