Sunday, July 15, 2012

FOTD/OOTD: Lipstick Inspired

Today I discovered I had a fabulous cute skirt buried in my closet that I purchased a few months ago and never wore. Mainly because at first glance (without trying it on), it looked too short for me, so I was thinking I'd save it for the fall and wear it with tights. 

Well, I was wrong. It is not too short at all, but it is a little too big on me ( I tend to buy larger than my actual size). I risked it by adding a wide stretchy belt and I loved the result! Not bad for being fashion-challenged lol. 

all the pics at once, less lengthy :)

Close up of the pattern. OMG these lippies are too adorable. I love this skirt. I believe I got it at Forever 21, but I am not sure. 


  1. Make-up is on point. I love the lippy. It reminds me of a Kim Khardiasian make-up look. It is kind of similar. She did bright lips with black eyeliner.

  2. I love the look great choice of lippy and skirt. I always used to buy larger clothes I stopped doing that when someone told me my clothes looked too big lol

    1. I seriously need to stop buying the largest size I find. :)

  3. You look so cute! Your makeup is flawless.