Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zoya Earth Day Haul

Although I did not need any more nail polish, I fell for the sale and got a few, too many really, but I guess I will not need nail polishes in a long time....

Here is what I got:

I got a free Zoya remover and a full size grape fruit hand/foot scrub (smells just like a real grapefruit).  I thought it was a great deal at $4 each, so I went nuts.  I kinda regret it a little bit now, but I really needed to try them, and needed summer colors...etc..

I need to go on a no-buy until MAC releases Candy yum Yum again and the Marylin Collection :)


  1. You got some great colors! Sounds like a great deal as well. Don't blame you for not passing it up. xx

    1. They are amazing, however, I am all set for a long time LOL.