Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meet 'Mocha'

So, last week, my daughter told us there were 3 kittens in our yard.  We did not see them, so we kjust went along with it and agreed with her.  A couple days later, my hubby looked out the window and there they were, hiding in the shade (it was pretty sunny and hot that day).  We picked this one up to take a look, then put her down and went inside. 

After a few minutes, we both wanted to take another look, so we did.  Then he suggested we keep her.  I was hesitant, but looking at those eyes....well i fell for her.   We tried to get the other 2 but one has too hissy and the other one was taken away my their mommy cat.  

MY daughter was so happy, she cried when she saw it. she went through several names, then she decided to name her Mocha...why Mocha I asked...and she told me because of the Shakira song :O

Vet said she is 7 weeks, super healthy and super clam/mellow and got her shots
and a nice, long, scrubby shower...and she did not put up a fight O.o

My daughter wraps her up in a blankie.  here they are hanging out.

See how teeny it is? I have never really owned a pet, so it is a learning process.  We had to bottle feed her 
for a few days 

Oh god, my kid puts her in a basket and reads to it..and the cat listens calmly lol

This is her peeking out of her blanket in the morning..

she is too cute, never hisses, rarely scratches, and i was able to potty train her with just 3 tries. she did pee on me  the first day lol, but that was that, no mess on the floors or carpets at all :)


  1. Oh, dear Lord, will the cuteness never end, LOL? My strongest kitty-mom advice is to never let her chew or gnaw on chicken bones. They can splinter, get caught in her throat, and kill her or at least make her very sick. May seem like odd advice for, a cat, but I know someone who actually fed her cat chicken right on the bone. Watch to see how she reacts with ribbons and yarn, too, for the same reason. It's costly to get ribbon/yarn pulled out of a cat's pooper at the vet!

    1. OMG, pulled out the pooper?!! Thanks for the heads up. I will be sure not to feed her bones or small yarn stuff. She has already adjusted, she even pulled her first 'hunger strike' on me. I switched her to dry food (ok'd by Vet) and she did not eat for almosr 2 days!!!!!

  2. OMG! She's so cute! And yeah, those eyes would have got to me too! Glad you kept her :) Sounds like she's going to be spoiled rotten!

    1. those eyes did it, even for the hubby. She is a mellow cat and has adjusted well to my hubby's rough play and my daughters cuddling. Poor kitty sits wrapped up in a blanket all afternoon lol.