Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Jewelry Finds

I have been into jewelry lately, and that's a good thing, because I have a massive amount of sterling silver jewelry that I made and have not worn yet lol...

These are some 'fashion' items I recently purchased, nothing fancy or expensive, but the quality is rather good.  I was thinking I was going to receive flimsy items, and I was wrong (mostly).

Enamel Flower Earrings
these are actually gorgeous and very sturdy metal.

I am a sucker for anything strawberry, so I immediately grabbed these..
they are rather cute and I love them because they are not the typical red ones (which I have lol), and 
I can wear these with anything.

This is what made my drool! Look at it. GORGEOUS! I adore this so very much.  
The one thing that was kind of a bummer was the clasp. Its a toggle suspended by very dainty chain, and the jump rings are open. Needless to say, it broke while i was trying it on, but, since I make jewelry, I had more sturdy chain that matched and I fixed it.

I still would have bought this. Actually, I was able to tell this would happen when I purchased it, however, fixing the toggle is not a big deal to me, so I grabbed it...and love it and of course, did not complain to the seller etc.

I actually bought more stuff but its not here yet :)  I have a ring that matches that bracelet, but i cannot find it and it is driving me crazy lol.


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