Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I recently purchased FLOAM from Ninja polish.  This is a color created by Nail-venturous, and it is highly sought after and never in stock, but I happened to be online when they announced it was back, so I immediately got it.

I had never ever paid $11 for a polish, let alone one that I can make my self.  Yes, nail polish like this is super easy to make, especially if you have the right base that suspends glitter without having to use actual chemistry lol.   

I am happy to say that I am not disappointed, so I do not regret spending that much for this, however, I most likely will not buy more.  The polishes are gorgeous, but I cannot justify the price...I don't even pay $9 for Seche Vite or $8 for CG, OPI or Essie lol ( I am lucky the nail supply store gives me great prices).

Here is FLOAM  :)
excuse then mess on my nail there, i failed at layering it lol

middle finger, one coat.  Index, 2 coats
2 coats and its completely opaque!!!!  I love that. I also noticed it was not gritty after adding Seche Vite.  I read a review that stated it was not seche vite shiny and still bumpy, not my case at all!

What i loved the most is that it is as easy to remove as regular polish. I was expecting it to be stubborn, but it was a breeze to remove. 

I truly love this color and I can see me wearing it a lot, especially layered over summer colors :)

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