Monday, April 23, 2012

MAC Reel sexy lipsticks and Extra Dimension Superb (day 21)


Yes, I did get up super early, was the first one at the MAC store and got me some goodies, and I even scored some lippies for some friends, yay!!!!!

Here is what I got:
Pink Popcorn

Reel Sexy, Watch Me Simmer, Heroine

Cinema CremeSheen.  I adore this one!

Watch Me Simmer

Reel Sexy over some gloss.

Extreme Dimension Skin Finish in SUPERB!! ( i might have gotten 2 of these lol)

Natural day light

These are the 3 colors offered. mine is the one on the left, which to me, seemed to be the most wearable and unique.  the middle one is too much ,so I wouldn't wear it often, and the light one, well i have tons of nope, I did not get all three.

I loooooove. "Superb"

so gorgeous!

Oh emm gee! I splurged. I should not have gotten all that stuff, but I just needed it at that moment. I don't regret it though, everything is pretty.  I am actually happy with MAC right now lol.  

Did you get anything from this new collection? I swear no more makeup for me until Candy Yum Yum and the Marilyn Monroe collection are released. 

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