Saturday, April 21, 2012

Homemade nail polish fun (day 19)


I was organizing my crafts supplies and I came across some awesome matte glitter and well, I made me a new nail polish...or more lol.  Here is what I made. Nothing special and this is my first time making polish, so it is not perfect but it sure was fun to experiment :)

clear polish and pale pink matte glitter with magenta glitter. 2 coats makes this opaque!

I could not get a good picture to save my life!! grrrrrr
excuse the messy nail, this was pre-cleaning the edges.

Natural daylight. 

Thumb is over a pale pink polish and the pinkie over a lavender one 

Over white polish

I looove the texture

It was fun to make this one along others.  I think it will work best if I buy franken nail polish so that I can get a better result.  Also, I need to get the metal balls to add to it, and another additive to make it all adhere/bind.  I have so many ideas for polish and so little time.  Also, I am afraid some one might crucify me for making them, since every one makes makeup and polishes nowadays. 

If I do make more, I will post them here, but perhaps on a prettier, fake nail lol

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