Tuesday, April 17, 2012

.69cent Walgreens treasures. (day 15)


As I was strolling by the Walgreens makeup section, I decided to look at the wnw lipstiks, which I rarely ever do, unless I am looking for a specific color.  They had the .69 cent wnw display, and these 2 hot bright pink colors caught my eye...

wnw 511B, Mac Quick Sizzle (not a dupe, even though it seems like it), wnw #521, Revlon lip butter in Lollipop (dupe)

wnw 511B has been compared to MAC Candy Yum Yum! 
wnw is almost identical to the Revlon lip butter, except that wnw has more blue sparkle/shift and its a little more pigmented (and prettier).

511B is not a dupe to Quick Sizzle at all, but the pictures make them seem like they are.  wnw is very pretty, and the blue shift is not 'blue' per se, but it does give off a hint of blue shimmer.  

What I noticed about the wnw lipsticks (this line) is that they go on super buttery soft, and can be applied sheer or be built up.  The texture is similar to the Revlon lip butter, which was a plus for me.  Too bad I already have Revlon Lollipop, and too bad wnw #521 does not have other dupes to them, but all in all, these 2 colors are definitely worth every cent :)


  1. Nice I don't know if I've looked at these.. what are they called and what do they look like? I only usually look at the matte lipsticks.

  2. These colors look great! I'd be interested to know what formula they are too. The only WnW lipsticks I have are matte.