Sunday, April 15, 2012

China Glaze "The Capitol" Collection (day 13)

I am so super late posting this, but I still wanted to post, so I can delete the pictures off my computer lol.  I bought the entire collection online, for $3 a piece, but with shipping, it averaged about $4.70 each, still, better than $7-8 right?
I have only worn 4 out of the 12 colors, and of course, failed at taking a decent picture.  Here are the 12 colors. 

My favorites so far are Fast Track (perfect nude with micro super fine gold specs), Electrify,  and Riveting.  those are the ones i have worn thus far.  

My next target is Luxe and Lush. That one looks gorgeous!!!!  

Did you guys buy any of them?  I honestly would not have gotten them, or perhaps just a couple, if I had to pay full price lol. 

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