Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update!!! New Suave Keratin Infusion


Ok, so I bought the Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in cream, and serum and OMG.  Silky, luxurious hair with NO frizz. I swear i let my hair air dry and i have lush bouncy waves (i have wavy hair and frizzy).  The shampoo itself is very thick and feels like the expensive stuff.  It does smell very similar to Kerastase. 

Shampoo-  Thick, a little goes a long way, you immediately 'feel' the difference as you rinse. 
Conditioner- moisturizing but not too overpowering, hair will not be greasy next day.  Helps detangle.
Leave in conditioner cream- this is thick, creamy and not greasy. absorbs fast and does not leave a residue.
Serum- Thin consistency, non greasy feel, no matter how much you abuse it. 

They all have the same subtle fragrance. 

My hair is SUPER shiny. OMG.

I have also been using it on my daughter, who has curly hair, fine texture and is all the way to her butt...No more ugly tangles (just the normal ones).  I cant recommend this enough, it is a very good product. I will continue to use this.
Hello :)

You are probably tired of seeing this stuff pop out everywhere, but I just had to post about it. As always, we have not gotten these (well the entire line) here in AZ, except for a few items at Walgreens and a couple supermarkets, however, not at Walmart or Target. 

Ether way, I am excited, since its a permanent line and it is supposed to be a dupe for the amazing Kerastase by L'Oreal that i have always wanted but never got myself to pay the price for it (well only once for a volumizer....$50!!!).  Here are some stock images :)

I am so anxious to try all these, especially the hair smoothing kit.  I did find the serum, leave in conditioner and shampoo/conditioner so i am happy.   The serum is very light in texture and it is not oily at all, so its not easy to look all greasy. The conditioner works very nicely. I used it on my daughter's fine curly hair and it detangled it nicely.

I will see if i can get more items to try them out and see if they are as good as they claim to be :)

Have you spotted these?  Are you going to try them at all? If so, let me know how they work. I am truly thinking these will be amazing, and hoping they are Kerastase quality, although the negative side of me tells me otherwise.

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  1. Thank you for thisI did not even know Suave came out with a new line. I usually get my hair stuff at Sallys or Ulta. THX!