Friday, October 21, 2011

My favorite colors from Unique Pigments

Hello :)

I wwas trying to get my makeup desk somewhat organized, and i came across some Unique Pigments clamshells i had neatly stacked in my special Unique Pigments box (I am kind of OCD for keeping all pigments from the same company together). 

I truly love their colors and color payoff, out of the many indie mineral makeup companies out there, UP is one of my top favorites of all times.  Here are some pics of what i have. I have more than these, and i just placed another order a few days ago :)
This are 3 of my favorite colors
Top: Swatched over base. Bottom: UDPP

My Little Pony Collection...super sparkly :) 

Fall colors... 
Top: primer and base
Bottom: just UDPP

I also adire these 3 colors , especially the Red one 

This blue color is far more complex in real life, it is a gorgeous blue 
with teal and holo glitter, but it is not too glittery, if that makes sense lol 

This one is the best ever as lipgloss.  It is Called Barbie World. 
the middle swatch is on bare skin, the L and R are over UDPP 
This is Barbie World ^^ mixed with clear gloss.

I just love Unique Pigments! Their jars are packed full, and the pigmentation is superb!!!!!!

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