Saturday, October 22, 2011

Creamery Creek Soaps


I recently went crazy stocking up on my fave bath stuff, and Creamery Creek is one of them!  I have been using their soap for over a year now, and i have tried most of their scents.  What i love the most about these is that they are not loaded with fragrance, the scent is so subtle and refreshing and most importantly, they are not Melt & Pour soaps, they are Cold Pressed!

Here is what i bought. I buy in small batches, just because I hate having them laying around for too long.

Red Clover is one of my absolute faves. It smells so nice and makes the entire bathroom
smell like it, even when not using the soap!

this is how big the bars are. I cut mine in half and use 1/2 at a time
this way i rotate the scents and it is easier to handle. 

She always includes samples and a nice note, which makes it more 
personalized :) 

I also want to mention that these soaps do not waste away fast, especially if you have them in a soap plate ( i have the ones that suction to the walls). At $5 per soap, it is a great buy! By the way, the price has been $5 since last year, which is always a plus :)

What do you think? Are you guys a soap girl or body wash girl? I am a soap girl, especially this brand, because it got rid of my bumpy arms for good ;)

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