Monday, October 17, 2011

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre: Fanservice

Hello gorgeous!

As you may already know, I have been into indie makeup companies for a while now.  One of my absolute favorites, among many others, is Fyrinnae.  They are not a 'mineral makeup company' as they clearly state on their page, however, they are still hand made and very unique.  I have tried a few of their pigments, but this Lip Lustre (a stain) is my first lip color from them.

I have been into lavender colored blushers and lippies, and this one just caught my eye. for $4.95, I figured it was worth a try and here are the results:
Outside in direct AZ sunlight :)

Natural light
this swatch is pretty accurate.

Inside, daytime with flash

This lip color is more purple than it is "milky lavender" as it appears. It is still on the pale side, and in my honest opinion, it is semi-wearable.


This is a different formula, i was expecting a gooey gloss, and it is far from that. They do mention that these are a stain and semi opaque, and are not meant to be glossy unless stated.  The consistency reminds me of those long wear lippies, such as Revlon or CG (the ones with the semi permanent color and the gloss to top it off).  The ingredients listed are moisturizing, however, i did feel like this dried my lips a little.

These are a tad on the runny side, and too much of this applied can end up in a big mess!  So far, i have worn it alone, but i am tempted to buy a lip primer, as an attempt to make this more durable and perhaps add a touch of lip balm on top.

This can also be layered on top of lipstick, which i have yet to experiment with.  Overall, i am happy, i love this color and i have worn it daily since i got it.  Of course i will buy again, as i will many other colors that are currently sold out!


  1. wow amazing color !!! I read your email I'll will replay tonight thanks for taking the time to write to me !!!

  2. The color of reminds me of OCC lip tars. Awesome color!

  3. this is VERY thin in consistency, which is too bad. but using UD Lip Potion it does last longer than it would without it.