Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skin79 Oriental Gold Haul


Today i wanted to show you my favorite foundation/treatment of all time! I have tried several brands of BB cream and Skin79 Oriental Gold has been my favorite of all (due to the ease of application).  Of course Missha Perfect Cover and BRTC  are still my other faves ;)  I ordered this gigantic kit from Ebay, and in my opinion, i think i got a good deal, so i am happy.

Full size tube (no blush)

full size bottle (with cream blush/cheek tint)

Full size BB pact

This is the dispenser, I just love how sanitary this is!

This is on the actual cap, and it is soooo pretty and creamy

Swatch: light swipe (left) and blended out (right)
Look at that gorgeous flush of color!!!!!

Freebie. this is actually a black rose keychain, and the lipgloss gives a rosy/reddish tint!

Skin swatch in comparison to other BB creams (freshly applied)
Left: Oriental Gold, Missha Perfect Cover #21, SkinFood Aloe #2,  Skin79 VIP, Shills, BRTC (? dont remember lol)

This is after about 45 minutes of applying
as you can see, very little oxidation happens on me, so i have never
had issues with BB creams...

I would like to point out that my skin feels very smooth and my pores have reduced dramatically since using this BB cream. I cannot say it helps heal existing breakouts, but it does not aggravate them (trust me, i would have broken out like crazy).  I just love this all in one type of cream, it has all the skin benefits and it is a foundation, so all i do is dab a teeny bit of oil controlling primer on my T-zone and i am done!

If you are interested, I can definitely look up the seller. I received this within 4 days or ordering via FedEx, and it came all the way from Hong Kong!!!!!


  1. Wow I love BB cream but the Missha BB cream in the tone I got was a bit darker. How much was all this set? if you dont mind I owuld like to get this set or sending me the seller info as I thibk my mom would be interested in buying one too. Thx.

  2. I've never tried Skin 79, always wanted to but I was afraid cause I'd always have to get them from eBay. Only tried Skinfood and Missha, currently using the Missha perfect cover #21 cause the tone on the skinfood is too white.

    Great review!