Sunday, May 1, 2011

WnW Vs Sinful Colors Nail Polish

Hello ladies..

With Walgreens having had Sinful colors nailpolish on sale for  $.99 last week i had no choice but stock up...however, i ended up buying shades that are too similar to polished i already is an example...

Wet nWild "Greys Anatomy" and Sinfulcolors "Let me Go"

the look identical next to each other...but the camera/flash can actually pick up the differenced the naked eye cant see.

Here is another angle.  See the differnces now?

Swatches over clean nail. no base or topcoat....and of course, the cameral picked up other colors that are not visible to the eye alone lol...

sinful Colors on the L and WnW on the R

in reality, sinful colors is a very, extremely sheer pearl color that refelcts green.   so nothing pink about it, all you would see is a pearlescent geen tint to your nails.
wet and Wild looks by far prettier and more exciting in the bottle than in the nail.  no surprises here, the color is a pearly purple/lavender and has a rather sheer consistency.  on the bottle, it looks like a dark, in-your-face type of holographic color that reflects green, turquoise  pink and purple. what a disappointment on both =(

I definitely hate both lol.

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  1. Sinful is one of those some hits and some misses. I have found some good colors in their collections and some duds. It's often the solids or the somewhat glittery colors that work out the best to me from them. Iridescent or pearl finishes seem to dud out of the mix. I have never tried Wet N' Wild's polishes so I can't comment on those at all.