Wednesday, May 11, 2011

unique Pigments: MLP Collection

Hello lovelies! here is part 2 of my Unique Pigments Haul. These collection i bought, so it was not a freebie at all. I have always liked My Little Pony, since that seemed to be so popular in the 80s when i was a little child lol. I am a sucker for shimmer/glitter/loud/bright pigments, and this collecion satisfied it all for me! let's look at some swatches:

Collection consists of 6 different colors..awww Pretty raimbow colors with a twist!

The names : P

Swatched on BARE skin....oh my gawd!

Just look at all that rainbow pony glitter goodness!

These are so pretty, im still in shock! the best thing about these pigments is that even though they are super glittery and shimmery, they dont have that glitter fallout....know what im talking about? the ones with tiny glitter pieces that just fall out and stick all over your face. This is awesome, I NEED the full sizez. period.

If you have time, please do check out UP FB page, Zhen is super sweet and she will treat you well ;)


  1. Whoaaaa that looks incredibly pretty and bold. :)

  2. Wowwwwww those colors are super nice!!!!! I love that they're so sparkly and pigmented :)