Monday, May 9, 2011

Unique Pigments: Barely There and samples

Anotther post about my Unique Pigments Haul.  The Barely There collection of 3 shades, along with the sample clamshells and baggies were gifted to me, not for review or to blog, but to me, for me, because of me, and for my baby girl lol!  That mentioned, let me show you what made my baby pricess so happy!

This is what my daughter received...her very own eyeshadow, made with gentle ingredients, not matte but not pearly or glittery all all! The colors are Lavender, Yellow and Pink, but as the picture shows, with much prettier names!  I actually like the colors and will try them on me haha....but my daughter begged for a picture to show my "computer friends" her "nakeup" collection lmao!!!! so as i promised her, here it is.....

I am so thankfun to Zhen from UP for sending these to my girl, and to top it off, she also sent her cupcake scented hand made hair bows and clips. wow. im humbled by it, and my daughter is too excited and happy she added new makeup to her collection lol!

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