Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sally Hansen HD Nail polish in "Wavelength" review and swatches

Hello....I feel like i have not posted in forever! Anywhoo, i bought a new nail polish last weekend at Ulta, and it came with a free full-sized base/top coat, so i got 2 for 1 all for under $6!

Here are the pictures:


I used Seche Vite as a topcoat!

I did not edit the lighting at all =D

Overall, this is an awesome color.  It looks sparkly orange in the bottle but it is full of surprises.
depending on the lighting and angle, you may see hues in orange, hot pink, blue, purple, etc.  and the sparkles are subtle!

I found this color rather easy to use.  unlike most 'creamy' colors, this one does not apply too sheer with just one coat.  it is definitely a lighter version if only using one coat, but omg this color needs the full thick 2 coats!
i also did not have a hard time waiting for this to dry. I was able to do one hand, then the other, and immediately repeated., then immediately added top that made me happy and made me want more of this new HD colors =D


  1. the color is so vibrant i love it!

  2. I have this color I love it its my favorite !! great post

  3. ahh I love the sally hansen 3D colors! They're so pretty :-P

  4. ugh! i added too much Seche Vite and my nail polished peeled off =( at least peeling htem off kept me awake in Chem class =D