Monday, April 4, 2011

PF Mineral Wear Foundation: Review and Pictures.

Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Mineral Liquid Foundation

Hello! i went to CVS and omg $7 extra bucks with any PF purchase?!!!! count me in!  Here is what i got...

For extra sensitive or breakout-prone skin!
Ultra-gentle formula helps reduce irritation and breakout.
Anti-microbial sponge delivery system for effortless application and easy blending without the mess or contamination.

Here are some pics. rather crasppy but i tried lol...

wth? i promse i wore a sleeved shirt lol. talk about  fashion faux pass...
with my hot pink bra lol. that my pj top!

just a shot of how the foundation looks on my skin.

Overall, i like this foundation. so far it has not brokem me out at all, and usually i do with new makeup.  I liked the idea that it offers medium coverage (although it is full coverage imo), and it is definitely buildable.  I got mine in Natural Beige, and it is a tad too yellow but i can buff it till it disappears.

The finish is matte. iI do set it with mineral veil...either y own mix or any veil from independent companies. Also., i have worn this with and without primers and it is just as sucessful.  I have oily skin and i can honestly say this did not aggravate it, especially when i used my Fyrianne primer.  the days that i wear it alone i do notice a teeny little bit of shine on my nose, but so teeny thant is not evcen noticeable.

i am so glad i found my HG liquid foundation! i have the MUFE Matt Velvet and this is by far superior, since the MUFE did nothing, zero, zilch for me. what a waste of $36! I am happy to say that i got this for $3.99!!!!!!! CVS has that $7 extra bucks going on with any PF purchase.  i was wanting to try their new  eye liner pen, and i did buy that for $10. then i paid for this with the $7 xtra bucks. total $3.99 + tax.....and i still got another $7 xtra bucks on my receipt, which i thought it was weird, since i believed that you were only entitled to one reward per customer...wrong! so, i got a mascara for $3.99 and now im gonna go get me a back up of this foundation....for another $3.99 plus another $7 xtra bucks that i will save for later =D

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  1. that sounds really awesome! I wanna try this out. thanks for the review! :)