Thursday, April 14, 2011

NYX MAtte LipCream: Review, Picture and Swatch


A while back i bought a couple of these new matte lipglosses at Ulta and i just bumped into them lol! Let'stake a look:

This is what NYX claims:
Color:  Antwerp


How can i plut it bluntl, this is one of those lipcolors that you either love or hate for a couple of reasons.  1) it is a very loud coral shade and it can be a challenge to pull off and make it work.  looks much softer in the packaging =/
2) the texture sucks. there i said it, plain and sucks , but it tends to be the pattern with most matte lipsticks.  It goes on/feels velvety smooth when applying, however, perfetly smooth lips are a must!  I also find it a little see throughish and streaky.  Another issue i have with this one is the after-textrue after it 'sets' feels so dry, omg this is drying....remember the Colorstay/long wear lip color wands from back in the day? the ones u put on the color then a clear gloss on top? well this is similar1 i remember that if i left on only the color and skipped the gloss it would feel so dry and tight and well ladies, this is the same.  I tried to make it work by adding gloss, MAC Florambundance, and although it looked pretty and softened it up, i found out that this lipcream does not get a long with gloss.  Ewww.

Needless to say im bummed about havings spent $15 on two of these.  I only swatched to other color and immediately hated it.  I wish the color we see on the tube was more accurate =(  (for reference, the other color i bought is Stockholm, a nudy color that looks way to rusty peachy)

Have u had any success with these at all?

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