Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FOTD: just plain neutral


I have been a little absent these last few days! too tired to be online and even wear makeup haha! Lately i have been wearing very little makeup (mascara, powder lipgloss) and neutral eyes, but in reality i am so craving bold, vibrant color...i just have to look in my makeup stash to see what i have as far as bold colors go.....

Here is a pic of my oh so plain look. I used the NAKED palette...perhaps that is the sole reason why i have been doing neutral eyes so much lol.
I used 6 shades @.@

I truly, really, adore my mascara. My lashes look a little clumpy
but i swear it is not the mascara, it was me...that happens when i multitaks
during mascara application =/
but seriously, they do make my lashes way longer and fuller!

Excuse my bushy, unkept eyebrows. I have not gotten them done in like 2 months...
for some odd reason, i think they asre 'falling out' and look way too sparse on the 'tails'
i swear they were fuller, and now they are so spars....im concerned =/

Ha! so the hair pins and lippie do not coordinate at all, but i wanted to
wear those darn hair pins and that darn lipcolor lol
at least i just went over the inlaws place so no biggie!

It was soo oo cold here today! idk t wheter i should worry or enjoy it, as out summers are terrible, and i have a feeling this one will be our worst thus far!

Well girlies,, thats aall i have for now...im looking forward to reading your blogs after PHYSICs lab on monday and be all caught up by tues night =D


  1. you crazy women pins lip gloss look perfect , love the under the waterline color very pretty !!