Thursday, March 3, 2011

ELF concealer


Yet another ELF product that temptation made me buy lol! Although it is only $1, i still hate it when products are a total fail!  I picked this up at Target just to try it out....I have heavy concealer under my eyes, since it tends to crease and make me look wrinkly, so this looked sheer lol!  Here are the swatches!
ELF Tone Correcting Concealer in Apricot Beige

This one looked a lot paler/lighter than other Aprico Beige =/

Concealer applied to the eye on YOUR Right!

I think i saw a little difference! My dark circles are a little less pronounced than they were last week, but with no makeup at all, they are very noticeable!  Can you see a little difference at all? Or im i just whishing this works so bad that i am seeing things lol?

I did notice this one is rather sheer, so i would not be able to conceal blemishes if i wanted to...none at all.  I wonder why it does not hide anything, and still is called a concealer?? Oh well, it is very sheer and perhaps 2 layers would be best (i did 2 thin layers, set w powder).   This one has not creased on me at all and not settled on my wrinkles lol  =D

Im still getting the Touche Eclat, lol. but i dont know when. im almost over its price, so hopefully in a week or 2, unless this concealer here performs for me!!

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