Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creamery Creek-mini haul


Just a quick post on my favorite soap ever! CreamerCreek has the best Goat Milk soap. Seriously. My skin has never been softer and the Keratosis Pilarins (thse ugly chicken skin bums on my arms) are GONE!  Even mo mother asked me what i was doing differently because my skin looks "glowy" according to her. yay! SO if you ever want to try them, do try Creamery Creek's.  They are the cheapest ($5 a 6oz bar) and they are milk based NO Glycerine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is my second order and will order from them for a long time...i no longer use other body wash/soaps at all, and even my kids eczema skin has cleared completely!!!!

Aloe and French Clay
Thid one is so "spa scented" it is a light, herbaly refreshing yet not overpowering smell at all...Actually, none of their scents are overpowering or artificial-y!

Blackberry Vanilla
Just look at that middle layer...seeds for exfoliation.  This one smells awesome!!

Blueberry Scrub
Uh, the best! it had blueberry seeds and smells like real blueberries!

I truly love their soaps.  They DO clean lol! I cant wait to try all their scents haha.  Also, my bathroom smells like the soap that im using that week...seriously.  I also find it useful to either cut the bars in 1/2 or thirds...easier to handle and this way u use them up quicker and move on to the next flavor sooner, and never get tired of just one fragance =D...Oh, and nope, im not getting paid for this post. I bought these items with my own money, just in case ppl wonder =D

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