Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trying out a new Mineral Foundation...

Here i am with another mineral foundation lol. I kept promising that i was not going to buy more foundations untill i finished what i have and....well i did finish my Orglamix foundation, which i love, but the container is so tiny that it is simole not cost effective.  I came across this product on etsy,  Keep-it-Simple-Naturals , and i believe it was created by an experienced makeup artist/aesthetician.

What attracted me to this was the price,  It is a faily new company on Etsy, and the foundation colors are limited, however, it sounded promising.....Here is what i got for  a total of $15!!!!

Actually, there are 2 Full sized foundations but i did not include it here.
the sizes are 5g of blush and .42oz of foundation, way more than BE...and they were topped full, something i
did not see with Orglamix!

Swatches. Blush is in "Mauve" and is matte. It blends beautifully.
middle swatch is their foundation (semi matte to matte) in Light neutral and
the last swatch is Orglamix, just to compare.

Here u can see Orglamix has a sheen or glow to it, which is not overwmelming at all, i actually like it...
plus their foundation is FULL coverage, so that is a plus (u just get like a teaspoon of it as a 'full' size, not cool)
Also, u can really se the Keep it Simple is really matte. Matte doesnot bother me at all
Orglamix is a mix of neutral and yellow, and it is still way whiter and lighter than the Keep it SImple

all blended! see the blush? it is soooo pretty. idk what that shadowy line is doing on my pic lol
once blended, both foundations looked similar in color, except one is matte and the other is glowy.

I have yet to try these maleup on my face, since i just received this today.  It does look promising, so fingers crossed and im hoping i find my true love lol...Everyday minerals is awesome, i just have to mix several shades to get a good match....and that is too time consuming for me =/

I will post pictures wearing this makeup.  I am still amazed at the size,  it is a truly .42oz jar times 2 and a brush (not my fave at all) and the blush! seriously, i never spent $15 on like 6 months + worth of foundation lol!

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