Sunday, February 27, 2011

CoverGirl NatureLuxe Foundation

hello ladies!

I received a couple of samples of this new foundation a few days ago.  looking at the shades i received, i was a bit skeptical to try it, as i thought it was way to dark for me.  Well i was feeling too brave and decided to give it a shot, so i risked it and applyed it crossing my fingers it wouldnt be too off color (i had to run to class).  I received 2 packets, one in shade Aspen 320 and Maple!
I did go to the CoverGirl website and took their "quiz" to find out my perfect shade, although i find it silly to go oof that in choosing a shade.  According to the results, i need Alabaster, which is the lightest shade and the one Taylor Swift wears....well i am not that light lol, but i am a NC15 O.O weird i know.  I would have gone one shade after Alabaster 310, which are Flax or Bamboo, but nothing past that....these shades are 320 and 340

Overall i liked this foundation.  I actually freaked out on the color, but it blended in flawlessly, which was not a huge surprise because i have been reading on some blogs that it does just that.  I was happy. I was able to see that it was off but it was not abvious.

The coverage was surprisingly med-full, and i was expecting a sheer coverage, so i guess that is a plus.  I stippled it on and used so little tiny amount, i was shocked! i did layer it on problem areas a couple of times (as concealer) but thats it.  Set with MAC MSF in natural and i was done!

Au contraire, well i noticed my skin got oily =/ which had not been oily for about one full month! no oil whatsoever on my nose and after this foundatin, bam! oil all over =/ needless to say, i will be loading up om my skicare stuff tonight lol (i went the almost all natural way....and have been using organic apple cider vinegar p.m. and witch hazel a.m....gross but omg i swear by this stuff!).  i have 1.5 packets left so i will use them up and make up my mind! i guess if i produce massive oil on my nose this will be a no-go and will stick to my mineral stuff and the other junk i have lol!

This actually reminded me of BB creams (let me know if u are not familiar with BB creams and i will be happy to go into detail), except this one has a lighter feel and texture.  So, given the fact that is less chemical-y than other foundations, i do want to get this but perhaps in a lighter shade. i do however, love, love, love BB creams (Missha in particular) way more than this one....just the high spf that BB creams have....(i know, higher does not = better protection blah blah blah.....but i like my 'american' mindset and ignore what i have leaned as a pre-med major and future dr)...

Have you tried this foundation?  i think it is a great buy at $9.75 and if you got those $3 off coupons in the mail like i did then it is a super great deal!

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