Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just for fun!- Citrus Cotton Candy


Hope your weekend went well.  Mine was ugly lol. I spent hours and hours doing physics homework :( i hate physics lol.

So why so "Citrus-y"?  Well Orglamix Cosmetics had a Color Challenge due today using only Hot Pink, Orange and Lime...thats it, so it forced me to use only 3 black....not highlight,... a little more challenging to make it work, imo, but the best part is that it did not require all Orglamix pigments =D  I dont think this is a contest for a prize at all, i believe it is just for fun.  Well since i was too stressed from school work, i gave it a go and this was the result:

it loos weird with just one eye posted , but that is all i did! I was way too lazy to do both eyes, too lazy to use liner and lashes lol.  I did not even had foundation on at all....hence the cropped pic!

I enjoyed this challenge, since it had been way too long since i used my generic 120 palette, and thos e colors!


  1. I love the shimmer and almost iridescent look it gives off. The colors all compliment one another and it's blended well.

  2. Wow you did a great job I love shimmers.