Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wet n Wild Mineral Bronzer-Amber Glow

Hello Ladies!

So are you all ready for New Years partying?  I know I am!!!  Anyway, I was at Kmart the other day looking at makeup and this Wet n Wild Bronzer caught my eye.  I guess it is a Mineral Bronzer, however, I first thought it was a blush LOL!!!!

"Amber Glow"
Checkout the packaging...the sifter lid has spikes that go through
the sifter's holes to keep it 100%
mess free.  I love that!!

Some Swatches...yup, i have hairy arms! I have
settled that issue with myself =D
I was organizing my makeup and that is why i have other
swatches, i was too lazy to clean them, so i included them here!

TBN "Darling Nikki" Mineral Blush
This stuff is more than extremely pigmented, way too pigmented LOL

Source: TheBodyNeeds

The swatch on the right is "Darling Nikki"
Blended out it is gorgeous.  It is pinkish red with gold reflects.

Here:  WNW Amber Glow as a Blusher
Everyday Minerals foundation...great coverage in 5 minutes =D
it is so soft and the shimmer is subtle.  It does not look like a color, rather
it gives you a "healthy glow" perhaps this is why its a bronzer??!!

I kid you not...I almost ALWAYS forget to put lipsticl or
lipgloss on! I seriously walk out the door all done and no lip product @_@
I wonder why =/

Overall i am impressed with the WNW Amber Glow.  I think the color is so pretty and soft, and  the fact that the lid seals the sifter for traveling time just makes it better.  I have been using this as a blush rather than a bronzer, but i will use it as bronzer and see how it looks...I am just skeptical about shimmery coralish bronzers, but we will see!

Also, I have read and seen on youtube that this is a dupe for MAC MSF in Stereo Rose.  I do not own that one, so i cannot compare.  If anyone has it, can you tell me if this is actually true?  I believe all of you way more and instantly than anyone else ^_^

As for TBN Darling Nikki, it is a pretty pink color but way to darn pigmented for my lazy makeup techniques! It seriously takes a tiny little microscopic sprinkle, or else it will be exactly the color you see it on the jar.  I guess it is a great thing when small mineral cosmetic companies make stuff that actually is pigmented, and this one has rave reviews by its users.  Maybe people that are darker complected than me can use it and it wont be so ridiculously pigmented.  I will probably be using this as a nail polish color rather than a blush, so no biggie (btw, price was $2.79 for 10g jar). 

TBN Cosmetics are extremely inexpensive for a decent sized jar, and they are very pigmented, and they have tons of dupes to MAC pigments.  I just love them (nope, i didnt get freebies to say this LOL).

And since i mentioned Everyday Minerals, well I have previously posted a haul and i just love them! Cheap, good quality, good coverage. good amount lol!


  1. Thx for posting this girl I saw a review and omparison on youtube for this bronzer compared to the MAC Rose Glow, I will have to go get it tomorrow.

  2. yayyy! you got it!!!!! I love it and I use Amber Glow as a blush too heheeh