Monday, December 27, 2010

Shiseido Perfect Rouge-PK 307!

Hello ladies! 

Today I will be taking about a new lipcolor from Shiseido.  I received a sample courtesy of BeautyStat and Japanese Beauty Brands.  My sample is a small travel size version of their new Perfect Rouge lipcolor in shade PK307

Here are some pictures and swatches:

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in PK307
color is in the 'pinks' family
Lipcolor on its own
Very pigmented and glossy ;)
With sheer gloss over the lipstick

Swatch without Flash

With Flash

Lipcolor under clear gloss- Daylight

With clear gloss, no flash, daylight

What I think:

The lipstick is very creamy and glossy.   Also, it has good pigmentation, and although it is glossy and/or creamy, it does have good coverage. 
  • I added gloss to try different looks, but honestly, it is glossy on its own.  I have always have issues with super creamy lipsticks because they tend to cake in no time, but this one did not! 
  • I found it to last longer than most glossy lipsticks =D  I do not have to reapply excessively.
  • It is smoothing and moisturizing to the lips, an added benefit.
  • I think it makes my lips look plumper, but it is probably because of the glossy effect, however, this is not marketed as a plumping product whatsoever.
The color is a Mauvy-Nude Pink, if that makes sense.  It is definitely not a nude color where your lips wil disappear, but it is nudy pink that can work well with most looks.  If you are a pink lipstick lover, then this is a must have!

As i have mentioned previously, I am a big fan of Asian cosmetics, and this is one of my favorite brands.  The quality is superb and the best thing is that it works as a lipstick and gloss, and applies effortlessly without the need for lipliner!  Overall, I am very happy with this color and have been using it almost everyday, even if its mixed with another color, just because of its lightweight glossy consistency!

Have you ladies tries any Shiseido Lip products?  Don't forget to visit Japanese Beauty Brands to see more Japanese cosmetics!

FTC:  This sample product was provided to me by, but my opinion is 100% honest and my own, and the fact that this was a freebie does not influence my opinion in any way.


  1. Thats a nice color lipstick! I love "Mauvy-Nude Pink" color lippies :) it totally makes sense! :)

  2. I love that you took the time to take pictures at different reflections. It shows that Shiseido never fails to impress me! :)It looks really good on you. ;) Have you tried their skin care? It's super great as well.

    Great blog! I hope to read from you more!

  3. great colors on you!!!! I love them!

    anyways, i am your new follower, if you dont mind to follow back i'd really appreciate it!!

    Rinz @

  4. Love those colors they look great with out gloss I agree , thanks for always stopping by my page your the sweetest