Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wet n Wild Blush


Hope your week is going better than mine!!!  I have honestly had thte worst 2 months ever, but i am staying positive.

I went to Walgreens to fill a prescription for my baby (her cousin poke her eye and scratched her cornea....a lot!) and while i waited for it....well i shopped around!  They are having 50% off WNW cosmetics, but i tried my best to to get a lot...and i didnt, but after trying this blush i will go back for more lol!

Wet N Wild Color i-con Blush
In Heather Silk

OMG this stuff is ridiculously pigmented, which surprised me, since the price is $2.99 (i got it for $1.50), a little is enough.  it looks too loud on the package but it is a very pretty mauvey shade of pink. I ADORE it.  the only problem is that is too powdery, but i dont swirl the me, it will pick up way too much color. Still, that is not a bothersome issue to me, i will spray it with some pressing medium mixed with alcohol and see if that solves the issue.

In the mean time, i will run and get more lol.  I actually wore it today and it is gorgeos.  i did not upload a picture here bcause i look hideous! I woke up so frikin sick :(  and when im sick my eyes look tooooooo small, so i really looked like crap, however, my cheeks looked fabulous!!!!

Have you ladies tried any of the blushes? or anything from WnW besides the coveted eye palettes?


  1. What a pretty blush! Didn't know WnW was on sale this week! Looks like I am hitting Walgreens today! LOL! :)

  2. Wow I have to check them out. What I have tried are the Vanity, Pride, and Lust palletter. Those are great believe me you will like them.

  3. I picked this up and a few other 100 WnW items lol. I love this blush, you only need a little. Incredibly pigmented.

  4. aww i hope your baby is fine! :)

    ugh i keep seeing wnw products everywhrer i need to get my hands on some!

  5. I would like to try this brand as ive heard heaps of good reviews on it but it's an american brand yes ? I wonder if it's available in Australia !