Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The things I have been Busy with!

Hello ladies!

i feel like i have not posted in a long time.  I have been too busy with too many things all happening at the same time.  first, I had a belated b-day party for my daughter, so here is the picture of her cake.

omg, she has too many themes to her party.  She had Hello Kitty, my Little Pony, Disney
Preincesses, Barbie, and baby jungle animals.  Weird, but it was all her choice, and
sonce it was her party, i decided to go with her ideas.
She also choose the goodie bags and the goodies lol!

This is me all tired from it! I wore very little makeup because i had no time to do much!
Sorry the lighting and the picture is terrible.  I really need to get a new camera,
but there are so many choices that i would not even know what to get =/

Me again.  Here i am wearing that Wet n Wild Heather Silk blush. I love it.
I am also wearing BB Cream (Missha Perfect Cover #21). I wear it everytime i break out
because it helps me heal.  also, it gives full, dull, full coverage with minimal effort
and a small amount!  I Love this BB Cream!

This is Jaeden After the party.  This child has too much energy, so she partied all night and
dropped asleep as soon as she hit that car seat lol!

I have also been bombarded with finals and papers, papers and more papers =/  I just finished a small but horribly hard 4 page essay.  i seriously just put it together.  I still have a 10 pager to finish by thursday and one more final on Dec 15 and i am DONE!!!!!!

I will be graduating on Dec 17.  I received my Cap and Gown and Announcements last friday, so i will scan them and show u guys.  I am still very bummed and upset at ASU.  I will not be getting my Honors recognition and that hurts me so much.  I stay uptill 3am daily, and have been for the last 4 semesters and got all A's.  I have school politics.  On a happier note, they did tell me that i could legally say that i am Magna Cum Laude (which would be Summa after this semester @_@) even though it will not be on my degree.  Either way, employers or Grad school will have to call and confirm.  I still wanted those letters and that dang ribbon T_T

Ok, it is 4am for me and time to try to sleep.  I have one more exam tomorrow, so i should go to bed.

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  1. Wow...u've achieved so many things...I am amazed by ur determination! =) GOod luck in ur exams..