Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X-mas/NOTD/Stuff

Hello ladies!

Hope you all have a happy holiday and get all your whish lists granted!!!!  I am not in the X-Massy mood this year and i do not know why lol...if it were Thanks giving though....that is another story =D

I am still trying to wrap up my daughters presents, but since she stays up way, way too late (past 1am) it has been taking too long. 

I did make a lil bracelet for my 17 y/o brother's girlfriend.  She's his first official g.f. that i know about, and he did buy her a present but wanted me to make her a purple braelet, so this is what i came up with...
They are Emo-ish or gothic-is lol and love purple
so i wanted to make less gothic and more
girlie lol

NOTD: Peachy pink gradient nails.
This came up pretty, but the pix are crappy ;)

This are my mom's nails.  Mine are pink and end at the tip in a dark
Pink. Very pretty but i didnt take a picture =/

Wel, back to cleaning! At least all the food is made and the house is almost perfect.  Can't wait to see all of your post-christmas pix/makeup/outfit/food!

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

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