Monday, December 27, 2010

Hair vitamins?!!!!!

Hello ladies....Hope the holidays are going well and you all are having loads of rest and fun!  I know I have been sleeping and eating a little too much =D

I just wanted to post this because I have been using this for about a month now.  I have had hair issues since i had my child (3 yrs ago).  My hair is sort of curly and thin, thin, thin. and with the amount of damage i do to it i am really surprised i still have some left lol!

My scalp tends to be sensitive and termpermental, and i have been to my Dermatologist and there is not "medical" condition besides "dryness due to 'hard' water"!!!!  Needless to say, my scalp is full of issues...sensitive, dry, itchy, then oily, then normal etc. and my hair was falling out by the handfuls everytime i showered, it was soooo drepessing.

My hair stylist (and cousin) has had a numer of mishaps on her hair (she practices on her own hair, still) and it literally broke off one day.  Well it was not growing at all untill she tried these vitamins.  After taking them for a couple of months, she gave me a bottle.

Well, my hair is improving because i have not bleached it in about 2 months, but I did notice it was no longer falling out in the shower.  There is still a minimal amount i see in the brush, like normal stull, but i no longer pull a thinck strand of hair in the shower, maybe a few pieces, but no more than that!!!! And my nails are improving as well =D

I would recommend them if you have hair issues.  I know thay are labeled for "thinning" hair, but check the label and its nothing but vitamins, and they have helped me a lot, even when i forget to take them for a couple of days =/   I am not sure of the pricing, I saw them going for $60 for 90 tabs here locally, but i also saw them online for like $35 for 90 tablets.

I will definitwly keep taking these as part of my daily vitamis...,.which also needs to be improved, i am soooo horrible at remembering!

What do you think? Do you have any hair care tips that i can benefit from??? I wish i had a normal scalp, that would save me too many uncomfortable issues :(

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  1. Take Biotin vitamins!!! I really do think that they help my hair to grow faster! And, you can just get the super-cheap generic ones at target for like $4? a bottle. Works great!