Sunday, November 28, 2010

ThanksGiving FOTD

So, This is the sad, simple look i wore to thanksgiving.  I was cooking all day, so in the end, i had my bf rushing me because he was hugry lol...we had dinner at his parents' this year.  I made too many desserts.  I love baking, so every year, for every holiday, thats all i do.  Everyone has their favorites, and yes, i do please everyone @_@
These are a new style of falsies i bought at my local oriental market!
They are so natural looking, but in the case they are super spikey lol!

Idk! Look tired, hate the foundation, the hair lol.  I had a killer dress but i did not get
a chance to take a picture.  I loved it. IT was very "bootylicious" lol! (yes, im still a lil' obsessed w it)

This is my little girl "Jaeden"
She is such a Diva in training! Seriously!
she offered to "help" me making pumkin cheesecake by "licking" the spatula!
OMG she could lick it off. 

She looked sooooo cute.  I always say "i'd rather me look like crap, all ugly and dirty than my child" So, She is always too put together first, then me lol! Imagine if i was all dolled up, them my child all crusty lol....heck no!  


  1. she's adorable she has your eyes its a mini you , you make up looks great hope you can post that dress another time I would love to see it

    Take care talk to you soon

  2. awww she's precious :) and I enjoy baking too. baked goods are delicious

  3. Awww your baby girl is too cute! & you look gorgeous :)

  4. I love your eye make up! and the falsies do look real. I would have never known hehe. I looove cheesecake!! I wish I knew how to bake more things.

  5. I can relate to the running around and it takes alot of work to cook for Thxgiving since everyone is depending on you. The baby is too cute.