Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hello Beautiful ladies!

So, how did the shopping go on Black Friday?  I never, ever shop on that day.  I honesly think there are hardly any real deals that day...It is a psychological game to get people to shop....but then again i am lazy, so  that is my excuse! My respects to those that camp out or wake up too early to go shopping....perhaps i will join the rest of the country one of these years =D

I did absolutely nothing on Black Friday.  My car has been failing on me way too 4 times within a 2 week perior, so besides that leaving a hole in my pocket, i had no car, as my bf had to wort at 4am that day...till like 3pm =/

I did go over to my mothers house.  I miss her cooking, so i stuffed my tummy till i wanted no more lol!
i felt like making a statement, so i wore my MAC Disney Villain lipcolor in Violetta with the matching gloss.  I think this is the 2nd time i wear it, and i kind of liked it better this time =D

Of Course.  Jaeden sees me taking pics and holy cow, she must pose as well...
...and has the nerve to telll me "for your computer mom" lmbo
she refused to let me tuck in those ugly white tags on her boots.  she is too diva-ish for me. scary, i know >_<
And the lips! I messed with the settigs.  I do not have PhotoShop, and Windows sux to edit
but i did it on Picassa. its soooo coool the way i was able to change things a bit
I am not technologically savvy, so this is a new toy for me lol...just realized my lip had not healed... niece bumped into me and omg she hit me with her head.  My lip was swollen and all busted ut lol!
And that is why i softened it and messed with it lol


  1. Yay!! I am glad you gave Violetta another try! It looks great on yoU! :) Thats true about not being any real deals on black friday. No makeup stores have deals and the plus size stores weren't even open when I went but eh! I wanted the experience and got jeggins for 8 bucks haha not bad. Your daughter is sooo cute! SHe knows whats up! hehe

  2. I luv that lip color!! Its really pretty =)

  3. omigosh!I love the lipstick color!^0^ i wish I own that kind of color :) I only have nude and red onesXD

    thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a wonderful comment :) I am really glad that you liked my nail art. :)