Monday, November 1, 2010

NOTD: Purplish Gray

Hello Lovelies!

I recently bough a new nail polish from ULTA. I have many nail polishes that I never wear =D but this one was right what I wanted.

It is a Gray-ish Purple. The picture looks more Lavander and I do not know why, but it is more in the dirty-gray-purple side.

I have had it on for 3 days and it has not chipped, which is surprising because my prettyl il hands do lots of dishes, laundry, cleaning lol (i have a 3-yr old, so imagine that; and that is why I usually dont have my nails done, ever....I remember those days of no baby + not cleaning ='d silky hands and gorgeous nails LOL

ULTA Brand "Fine Pruned"

I dont remember the price, but it was during those sales when the store brand are super cheap, so i think it must have been about $3