Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Current HG Concealer!!

Hello Lovely Ladies =D

I am soooo ready for the weekend (i know, the week just started), although my plans include a massive research paper and a smaller essay paper =/ But it's all good, tecnically, there is only one more month till Finals, and a little over 4 weeks to graduation WooHooo!!!

I am writing this because I felt like I neede to share the following with you...in case anyone is interested, or cares, or not LOL =D

I may be way, way, too late on this one but, I just found an undereye concealer that makes me very happy. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and has passed the hot AZ climate (yes, still frikin warm here).

Here's my Fave undereye concealer for the moment:

Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer

Shade: Cream

Over all, I love this concealer. I find the consistency to be just right for that eye area. It is not too thick, actually it is on the thin side, but i still dot it on and pat it all around, add more if i need it, and set it with mineral setting powder. Seriously, I did neither creased on me nor settled on my super extra fine lines (hell no! i dont have wrinkles ^-^ ) J/K im getting' old, so i do not want to enhance them at all...'nough said lol

What are your holy grail concealers? I am currently addicted to them and besides this one,i have not found the perfect one....

Luv Ya


Images taken from www.maybelline.com


  1. im actually on the hunt for a nice under eye concealer ill look out for thsi one!

  2. I don't use concealer :( I still don't know why? ahah I've been watnting to try this one cause I heard its really good. Maybe ill pick it up! xxx

  3. I have been wanting to check this out for ages! I just got a Mary Kay concealer and I am really liking it

  4. I love this concealer! It also covers redness really well! :D