Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was having a bad night on Sunday and I was just ranting away! Most of my rant had/has to do with women.  I have taken way too many women studies classes and due to that, i am a little of a Radical Feminist at times.  Some women i have bumped into in my life are the type of women that depend on men.  Their life revolves around them and their relationshipp.  I agree.  Relationships/marriage is cool.  I just disagree with the women that cannot succeed on their own and think they need an abusing man in their lives....See what women studies classes do?!! LMBO!!!  Sorry iif this offends anyone, it was not my intention....i just wanted to throw in a little 'girl empowering fluff' out there for my friends.

So, a friend and I were discussing my viewpoints, and she concluded that I do not love my bf of 7 years.  I do love him, however, if we were to let go I believe I would be ok and be just as successful.  Of course it would hurt...a lot, but that would not stop me from going on to med school, becoming a doctor etc.  it takes the struggles ans successes of 2 to make it work, not just one....

Enough of my bla blah blah's, this is the 'analogy' i came up with so one of my bffs can better see where i was coming from.  i did change a few words here and there to make it less offensive lol!  surprisingly, some of my male friends agree with me O.O

"Women are the pillar of the household, the mothers, the ones to have plan b,c,d. The one tht would go off her way to feed the family if needed be. Thts y women need to b confident, and thru confidence comes success, then that man becomes that Hermes bag and those Louboutins that she frikin' adores and could not let them go, but if they [heels, bag] were to [break] leave and completetly fail her, it is that success that will allow her to replace them both and say "NEXT!"

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