Tuesday, November 23, 2010

50+ Followers!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies!!

I just wanted to post this really quick because I sort of just realized I now have 57 followers!  I cannot believe it!  I used to be so bummed out because I had like 5, but now I am happy, happy, happy.

Perhaps I should have a giveaway...but I have no idea how they work, how to select winners, etc! I know, I am toooooo ancient here, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with it all!

I will definitely look into how these Giveaways work etc and decide on something.  I am still debating on whether it should be all makeup or all jewelry (I make jewelry, so I have tons of supplies, and it is not ugly, I promise, and it is not 'cheapie' either..all Sterling and Swarovski), or a little bit of both.

So if you have any ideas, let me know! it will probably be after the holidays because i have finals all the way to Dec 15th, then graduation and after that, a well deserved break doing absolutely nothing....but reading your blogs ;)

Any thoughts/comments/ideas/rants/etc will be appreciated =D 

Have a Great Holiday Week!!


  1. Congrats on your 50+ followers!! doesn't it feel great! =)...yeah do a giveaway and im sure whatever you have as prizes will be great! No worries! =)

  2. Same here! I used to have like 11 followers (2 being my mom and sister following from Twitter lol but now I have close to 50!)
    I love the jewelry idea, it's something different! :)

  3. Congratulations!!! I remember how anxious I was to get to 50.
    If you'd like, feel free to enter my 50+ Followers Giveaway http://bit.ly/ccuctv
    (Too Faced/Urban Decay/Red Cherry products)

  4. Felicidades Aranza to your 50 followers..and to many many more.I love reading your blog.

  5. congrats!!! :-) its a great feeling when you realize you have more than you ever thought you would! ♥

  6. congrats! maybe you could do a giveaway with a mixture of both jewelry and makeup? just an idea. and to pick a winner you could just add up all your entries and then go to random.org to generate a random winner. but i'm sure whatever you decide to do in the end will be great! :)

  7. Congratulations, that is awesome! I don't think I'll ever get to 50! LOL

  8. Awww tha nks for all your support!!! I was so sad when I only had 5 followers, 2 of them were friends  but its awesome that I have more!!

    @Pretty Wonderful: so that’s how people select winners to make it fair! Lol. See? I told you I was sooooo behind on this blogging thing LOL!

    @Bad Luck Baby: Girl, you will reach far beyond 50, just wait and see. I am not as talented as all of you, and I reached 50 =D Watch you getting to like 1000 way before me ^_^

    So I think I will do a little makeup, a little jewelry…I just need to take all my lovely finals, and attend graduation so that I can enjoy the process…so, that means that I will be all graduated by Dec 17th @ 6:30pm Yay me!!!!!! Sadly, I do have to take CHM and PHYS next semester, and MCATS in May, and more CHM/PHYS in Summer and Fall =/ All in hopes of getting accepted to med school (funny how I am to apply way before im done with physics, and take the mcats as well….)

  9. congrats love your blog !! cheers to many more to come !!! love your new picture you look smoking